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A Versatile System For Safe, Effective & Fast Platelet-Rich Plasma Extraction.

Help Your Patients By Harnessing The Body’s Unique Healing Potential!

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Cellgenic PRP 30cc

Cellgenic PRP 30cc is a medical kit designed for fast & efficient PRP separation. With this, you’ll get perfect concentration of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) every time you use it. Concentration of platelets determine the amount of growth factors per sample of blood, which in turn affects the speed of healing. So for consistently efficient PRP treatments with faster results, you can count on Cellgenic PRP as a one-step platelet separation system.

What does the kit bring?

Sterile disposable tubes.Butterfly needle.Transfer devices and syringes.Cell separator gel that allows for the easy, rapid and consistent preparation, from a small volume of blood, of PRP with an optimal platelet concentration and viability.Everything is packaged in a single-use double blister.

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